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SIM Only

SIM only describes the type of contract (or pay to go purchase) when you buy only a new sim card and not a new mobile phone. This allows you to keep your existing phone and phone number and receive a much cheaper tariff than entering in to a new mobile phone contract.

Once you sign up you will receive your new SIM cards in the post and can start using it straight away with your existing phone. There’s a wide range of offers available which we research and check every day so you can compare SIM only deals to find the cheapest contract including cash back offers and loads of cheap offers from the mobile networks such asO2, Vodafone, 3, T-Mobile, and Orange. If you’ve decided that a SIM card only deal is the right option for you then you can compare SIM only deals quickly and easily with our comparison table.

Sometimes providers will offer a better sim only tariff if you sign up online. We work closely with all the providers to bring together the best sim only deals in one place including a number of special offers. Although we work closely with the mobile providers we are independent of them so can offer a fair comparison of the different deals to help you find the right deal at the best price.

Finally think about which network your friends and family are on as it may be cheaper to choose a network that people you call most regularly are on as calls and texts to the same network are often cheaper and are even free with some deals.

Best Sim Only Deals

When trying to work out which are the best SIM only deals think about length of contract, price and cash back offers. Simply compareĀ  contracts with our comparison table to work out which is the best deal for you.

The best sim only deal may be dependent on who you call our text most as some providers offer free or cheaper calls and texts to people on the same network. Check who you call the most and which networks these people are on as it may be that the best deal is with the network that is used most by the people you call most frequently such as friends and family. Once you have carried out your research you can sign up online and your new sim card should be with you in no time at all!

SIM Only Contracts

SIM only contracts work the same way as normal mobile phone contracts except you keep you existing handset. They are cheaper than entering in to a new contract with a new handset and are proving very popular with those looking to reduce their mobile phone bill. You can compare the best sim only contracts in our handy comparison table.

Since providers are regularly launching new offers we update our table of sim contracts ever day to ensure that you can find the right contract at the best price. Take into account the number of calls and texts you receive with each contract and also consider any freebies such as free texts or calls to people on the same networks.

Finally before entering into a new contract check the length of the agreement and be sure that you are happy to commit for that period of time as it can be expensive to come out of a contract early.

Quick guide to choosing the best deal at the cheapest price:

There’s wide range of sim card only offers and deals available and the cheapest deal is not always the best option. As with choosing a normal mobile phone contract consider how you plan to use your phone before deciding on a deal. Look at your recent mobile phone bills to understand how many minutes you use each month and how many texts you send then consult our table of sim only offers and find the best price plan for your needs. You should also consider the length of the contract; typically the longer the contract the cheaper the monthly tariffs tend to be, though you should be sure that you want to commit a lengthy contract before making the purchase as it is usually expensive to come out of the contract early (just as it is with any mobile contract).

Some offers have special deals including free calls to other phones on the same network, you can check these in the ‘extra info’ column on our comparison tables. If most of the people you call or text on the same network it may be that the best sim only deal for your requirements may be one that allows unlimited calls to people on the same network.

Finally it is worth considering the coverage of the network in your area. Whilst the vast majority of locations in the UK receive good mobile signals from all providers there are a few black spots so it’s worth remembering if you have had trouble with a previous mobile phone provider the best sim only contract for you might be with a provider you have used without any coverage issues in your area previously.

Ultimately SIM only tariffs will almost always be cheaper than signing up to a contract which gives you a new phone since the money saved on the phone means your monthly tariff will be cheaper so if you are happy with you existing phone this is certainly the cheapest option.

For those of you who are looking for a business sim only deal then click here to compare the best business SIM only deals and offers currently available.

If you just want a tradition style mobile phone tariff then see our mobile phone guide for some quick tips or the BBCs guide to switching phones.

About this site: This site is independent of all phone companies and retailers so we can compare the prices of all of the deals out there to help find the best sim only deal for visitors to this site. We check the prices of all the SIM card only offers every day to make sure that you have the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information. We’re confident that if you are looking for a new deal then you will find the best price here.

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What’s new at Sim Only Offers?

We’ve added even more SIM only plans so you can now compare the biggest range of plans in the UK here at SIM Only Offers. We’ve made it easier to find cheap sim only deals and offers by improving the functionality of our comparison tables so you can more quickly find a cheap plan that suits your needs.

We’ve added a new section to cover just pay monthly sim only deals. Pay monthly deals offer very competitive rates and some of the best plans are on a rolling pay monthly basis. However if you want to compare SIM only deals regardless of contract length then our compareĀ  deals page is the place to go. There’s been a number of new SIM card only deals so if you haven’t been on the site in a while be sure to check out the full range of SIM card only deals here.

About Us

This site is completely independent of all mobile providers. This means that we can display offers from all providers and don’t have to favour any one product over another. We aim to provide you with all the information to make an informed choice about which deal is best for your own needs and budget. Sim Only Offers is owned and operated by Richweb Media Ltd which is a privately held UK company who specialise in providing informative sites and comparison sites, (especially in the mobile and telecommunications area), so consumers can make easily and quickly chose the right product or to suit their requirements. Although we do earn commission through some advertisers we still display a wide range of products from all the mobile providers to ensure that you can search the whole market and make the right choice.

For more information about the company behind this website please visit the Richweb Media Ltd site or contact us via the contact us page or the about us page. We’re always keen to hear feedback and comments as we are continually looking to improve the site so let us know if there’s something we are missing. Please note that we do not sell any of the products listed on this site ourselves so any customer services related questions should be sent to the individual mobile networks who run the sim only offers listed on this site. If you have any general questions please check our FAQ page which will answer many of the most frequently asked questions.

Would a standard mobile phone contract be a better option?

One of the main advantages of a mobile phone contract is the free handset that you will get as part of the deal, in reality the handset is not free and will be accounted for in the monthly cost of the package. With some of the more expensive phones, such as the iPhone, you may have to pay an additional upfront fee with some contracts. If you do want a new phone then these packages may represent a good choice. We have some exclusive sim card deals which do include a free phone as part of the contract so these could be a good option too.

When it comes to choosing a phone it’s worth reading up and doing some research and reading reviews. Think about what features you need, for example do you really need a high quality camera? Do you need a phone with fast internet coverage, do you prefer a qwerty keypad etc. It’s also worth considering if you need mobile phone insurance if you have an expensive phone.

What type contract is best for me?

Ideally you want a contract the covers all the calls, texts and mobile internet usage you need each month as going over the limits can be expensive. The best way to do this is to look at your last three monthly phone bills and work out how many texts you send, how many minutes of calls you need and if you use mobile internet how much data you use each month. You should also consider contract length which is typically 18 months for mobile phone contracts. By comparison sim only contracts start from 30 days though the 12 and 18 month options usually include extra minutes and texts for your money. Additionally it is worth considering which network the people you call the most are on as calls to the same network are often cheaper of free; for example lots of your friends are on O2 then you might save money by opting for the same network. Reading up on customer service for the different providers can be worthwhile too as it can be extremely frustrating dealing with poor customer service.

Finally it’s worth considering coverage. If you’ve had bad coverage from a provider where you live or people have commented at your house or place of work that they get poor coverage with a particular network it may be worth avoiding these providers.

Free SIM Cards

A number of mobile providers are now offering free sim cards. The free SIM card will give you a new phone number and just needs topping up with credit. These are currently offered by a range of providers including Tesco, Vodafone, 3, T-Mobile, Orange, O2 and Virgin.


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